Sunday, December 10, 2006

Molly Motocross

Yesterday was our daughter Molly Baker"s 7th birthday. It seems like she was born about 2 years ago. She has already out grown her first motorcycle (Yamie PW 50). Ill be looking for a 90 soon.

We went to the Broome Tioga Nationals last summer to watch the race to catch Ricky. While we were there I took the mini moto monsters down to the pits. I stopped at the Boo Koo tent to check out the hot Boo Koo chicks and get some free high test. Josh Demuth was kick ass enough to pose for this pic with my monsters. Molly says she wants to race.

This is a shot of Broc Hepler from Pa, so he was sort of a local.

It is a awsome day out but I'm sitting on the couch with a jacked knee. I messed it last weekend at CJS. I really feel that I'm addicted to BMX because I'm sitting here disabled in pain and all Im really bummed on is not being able to ride my bike. It did give Kim and I a chance to check out a canadian national motocross race. Man is that entertaining. Those dudes are squirlly, fast and tough (a hell of a mix for MX). They check each other in the corners like they are playing hockey. Some of the dudes that finished it the top ten went down twice in one moto. They would take big diggers and get right back up and pick up the bike one handed start it and roost off while adjusting their googles. Tonite is the Vancover supercross. The RC and Bubba hour of power starts @6:00pm. That is about as good as I can do with my jacked up knee, I hope it wasn't too painfull.
Old Bastard Behind Bars, Kelly

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SB said...


I think in your case BMX is an addiction. If that's the case, everyone should be so lucky. I, unfortunately am addicted to chocolate and bad 80's music.