Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Times

I took the kids skating for thier first time. Benny had to take a leak so we went into the bathroom. He had skates on and he wasn't very stable on them yet. He slipped on the skates while he was pissing and pissed all over the place.
Toast (Mark Johnson) came home for the holidays. We got together and rode the 1888 barn. We have had ramps in that barn since around 1982. It is a riding spot that has been around for about the longest I know of. Here is a shot of toast airing. He is 40 and I have never seen him ride that place so good.

Collins had a Xmas party and we made a huge bon fire. Kim was jumping through it. He didn't know it but I was putting bricks, cinderblocks and shovels on the back side of the fire. He would ride through the fire and hit my booby traps and eat shit. After a few wipeouts he got up and said "ah look someone put bricks there". He was hammered.

Clint got a new bike for Xmas. Here he is testing out his new whip and his new kicks that Scott Towne got him. Scott actually got our whole family new kicks, he rules.

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