Thursday, December 7, 2006

Door Check

Checker jumpin over the checkie
Kim probably didn't know about a hour after this pic was taken he would get the shit checked out of him.

the real Kim Baker

DEC-3 A bunch of us went down to elmira to ride Jammer, Kmart, Kim and Crandall. We rode the outside concrete for a while froze at first but warmed up and it was good. Crandall pointed out this far ass fly out gap thingie Colin Winklman did years ago R.I.P.

After that we went to CJS and had a pretty good session. They have a killer mini and jammer was air pretty high. I didn't know he could air minis like that. Hell he probably didn'r either. He is one of those fuckin dudes that is good at anything he trys. If he thinks he wants to do it he does.

We had a good sesh, Crandall left for his ladies and we drove home. On the way we stopped for treats and we were all back in the van exept Kim. So I thought it would be a good chance to door check him. For those who don't know a door check is. When the dude is getting back in the rig creep along and just as they get the door open and start to jump in you jam on the brakes jamming the persons face and chest hopefully into the door upright. The checkie usually know it is about to happen but there isn't much they can do about it.

He made the leap and I stomped the brakes at the perfect time. His face kissed the upright and sent him into the dash. He bouced back out almost the whole length of the van. You could here his food and beer rustling around. I let him in and we laughed our asses off most of the way home.

Thanks Old Bastard Behind Bars - Kelly

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