Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cleveland and Cobras

Cobras, Scott Towne and Chris Yankee
Big Job, Kmart and snake and I went to Rays MTB park to meet up with the Cobras and ride.

This is Davey Coopwasser. Scott and I stressed Davey out the day before we went by sending him not so nice emails just to mess with him. Davey got me back by pointing out a line to me that had a hidden rafter in it. Davey is a real cool young dude.

Here is a shot of Big Job (Jeff Collins) going through the red bull berm. We call him big job because he is a contractor and every job he does is a big job according to him.

Pat Schrader and OB-3 training through the curved wall. I had never been to a place like Ray's. It is huge in there with more stuff to ride than imaginable. I thought it smelled like a horse barn in there. Pat showed me a room that they make beer near the park and the barley is what made it smell like a horse barn. That is about the best I have in me now. Thanks for checking
Old Bastard Behind Bars Kelly