Sunday, January 7, 2007

Nick Wilson Memorial Skate/Bike park

Nicholas Wilson
Nick Wilson died in Iraq on 2-12-06 while serving our country. He was a Navy petty officer 2nd class, EOD mobile unit three. About 11 years ago the village of Newark Valley had dirt trails in the village park. We would drive over and ride them every so often. Nick was one of the kids that was always there digging and riding his ass off. I remember him well from those trails. About 3 years ago we bought our first home in Newark Valley. Just so happens we moved right next door to where Nick grew up. We have become very good friends with his family. The village came to me about a year ago asking for my imput on building a skate/bike park in the village. I thought it would be something I would like to do and that it would be a good idea to name the park in Nick's memory.
Mid summer of 06 we had a demo at the same park where the trails wer 11 years before. The reason was to raise awarness and see how many were interested in the park idea. We brought lots of ramps down for the demo. Sleepy head came and played. They are a really fun band to see. We raised some money from donated product from FBM and Superior limo raffled a limo ride. About twice as many people showed that I thought would. The demo could not have been better.

Here is Nick M payin his dues. Between kickin ass in college, workin and chasin after his girlfriend, Nick finds time to help out with the park. Nick has come to me offering his help in many ways and many times. Nick is for sure a canidate for the best young BMX dude in Newark Valley.

OB-3 working on some blisters. It has been warm enough to get a jump on some concrete work. I had better get used to that position I'm in. I have many hours of that same action ahead of me.

Here is what we have so far. Some people I want to thank for helping this project get off the ground are the mayor Jim Tornatore, Peggy Head, John Kaufman, Scott Combs and the Wilson family. We have a long ways to go but I think we are doing pretty good so far. When I am out there working alone I can't help but think that if Nick Wilson was around that there would be no way he wouldn't be right by my side working away. Thanks, old bastard behind bars Kelly


BradB said...

Couldn't remember my passsword. Had to make a whole new account. But it was woth it to say...well I guess that's a great story and a good looking start to a cool skatepark. I've landed on my head alot.

Jessica said...

yo kelly its shawn youve done such a great job on the park man cant waight to ride ther with you and your kids and all the other nv riders later