Thursday, January 25, 2007

King of the East Coast Collectors

I met Brian Pleva on He was looking to trade a new Haro for a old BMXer. I traded hima old jag that I had. I had no idea he was the collector that he is when we traded. It didn't take long before I found out what he was up to. Brian seemed like a real cool guy and we talked on line a bit. I would say that Brian is the King of the East Coast Collectors. Although that title might be my opinion I think it might be able to be proven. This summer I was going to go down and meet up with him and we were going to go to King of NY together. The long arm of the law prevented me form making it to our meet up spot. I have seen many pictures of his collection but I had to see it in person. I was in his area so I stopped to check him out. When I saw his collection I couldn't help but think of the fun, pride, value and how obvious it is that he likes to hunt for all this old BMX stuff. I felt like a little kid in the 80's at a decked out bike shop that wouldn't stop asking questions so I thought it would be fun to write some down and see what Brian had to say.
(OB-3) name, age?

(K.O.E.C.C) Brian Pleva, 34

(OB-3) Who is in your family?

(K.O.E.C.C) Joann, Cooper(4) and Katerina(3months)

(OB-3) How long have you been collecting and how did you start?

(K.O.E.C.C) 94, I decided I wanted the cool bikes I couldn't have back when I was younger.

(OB-3) What is your favorite bike or part?

(K.O.E.C.C) I like them all, the 87 sport rider is my favorite bike. My favorite thing is the magazine that you (meaning me) gave to me. Late 80's BMXPLUS that the back cover is signed by Haro, Sigur, and Wilton.

(OB-3) What is your most valuble bike and part?

(K.O.E.C.C) Bike=Hollywood, Part= tires on hutch proraider

(OB-3) Are you a hippie?

(K.O.E.C.C) NO! (laughs)

(OB-3) Do hippies drink moonshine?

(K.O.E.C.C) They couldn't handle it!

(OB-3) What is your favorite music?

(K.O.E.C.C) Anything loud and fast with guitars.

(OB-3) Who do you like better, Poison or Lynard Skynard?
(K.O.E.C.C) Skynard.
(OB-3) What VW'S do you have?
(K.O.E.C.C) 66 Bettle, 96 GTI, (2) 2006 Jettas
(OB-3) What else are you into?
(K.O.E.C.C) Family, Skiing and snowboarding, Fishing, VW's and downhill

(OB-3) What is your favorite riding or trick?
(K.O.E.C.C) Street riding and tricks?? WALLRIDES!!
(OB-3) What does Joann (his wife) think of your collecting?

(K.O.E.C.C) She digs it, supports it.

(OB-3) What do you like most about the collecting thing?

(K.O.E.C.C) Memories!

(OB-3) Anything else you can tell me?

(K.O.E.C.C) NA, I'm just a down to earth guy that likes collecting BMX bikes and I like dudes to come and check it out. It is pretty much a open door around here.

Brian's collection was better than most of the bike shops I used to go to back in the day. It was really amazing to me to get to see how outgragous Brian's collection really is.
Thanks Old Bastard Behind Bars, Kelly

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You've got some interview and journalist skillz there OB-3!