Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chilli Kook Off

Baker Designs BMX had thier annual chilli kook off last saturday night. The band Hammered played. I grew up with the drummer (Bob Eckert) and the roadie (Dave "Punky " Kimbrough). We used to ride when we were 15. Shan drummed uo a bunch of donations and raffled them off and gave the procceds to the Nick Wilson park project. Saint to Sinners crew got nutz. Kmart choked Jammer until he passed out. Bunno jumped off a table onto snake and snake fell and smashed his face, got knocked out and broke his shoulder.
I've always thought it was wild how, the rattier, gnarlier and uglier a rocker is the cooler he is. Here is Punky being pretty cool.

I have been dialing the piss out of all my bikes latley in anticipation of spring. I started ebaying this winter and have dialed this 84 patterson in. It was my bike (but 3 times as good) that I had in 84. I have been fixing on my buds bikes also. The other day I built up a bike for Big Job (Jeff Collins). When I was done my hands looked like I had been drilling for oil. To my surprise I was talking with them and found that some young and not so young dudes don't know the old use Vaseline when building a bike trick. The bike bearings dont spin fast enough to really break down the vaseline and it doesn't get all black and crappy like regular grease. It is one of those tricks that works and you wouldn't think it would. Like the WD40/ grip trick.
I hope that wasn't as boring to read as it was to write.
Thanks Old Bastard Behind Bars Kelly

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